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what is stopping aspiring authors from publishing their first book?

If you speak to your family, friends and the circle of people you interact with including strangers, many would have the thought of publishing a book as their dream. However most likely only a very small percentage of them took action and successfully completed the book project. Why? They have been misinformed or jumped to wrong conclusions that prevented them from starting let alone completing. Here I have filmed a video to share 5 misconceptions and 5 golden nuggets for

When an aspiring author talks and thinks more than writing - jab him/her

Share this with your friend who wants to publish a book but nothing happened yet You wanted to publish a book very much. You witnessed how a book has helped your friend elevate his branding, open doors to opportunities and invited to multiple media interviews. His business grew and he is living a much better life. It sounds rosy and… You thought, “I am a nobody, who would want to read my book?” Hello?? We publish a book to help us to go from nobody to “somebody”. You think

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