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Don't waste your life, try something

Jack Ma’s words can’t be truer! He has been well known for being rejected for thirty times in his various job applications, including applying to work in KFC. Aren’t we glad that he was rejected or we will never hear of Jack Ma who could today be a manager in KFC China. Try something. Work hard at something and he is now not only China’s icon but a global icon.

Looking back at my entrepreneurial journey, I discovered that the biggest celebrations always come after I tried something new. I took up the challenge and it led me to amazing discoveries. Yes Jack’s right, nothing bad could happen.

The biggest change in life I wanted back then was to turn myself from a stable income earner as a senior business analyst to an entrepreneur. Gosh, it was hard with little experience. Having no fixed salary end of month was world’s scariest nightmare. That was back in 2010. Looking back I feel very rich in experience. I received a very exciting roller coaster ride. Met hundreds of amazing individuals, learned and done enough that today I have clients willing to pay me good amount just to speak!

The next hardest thing for me was dealing with a break up with my former fiancé. That may seem bad initially, nobody likes breaking up. It was a price to pay as an entrepreneur. It is common for any ladies to want to marry an entrepreneur who has made it, not someone who was still struggling and trying to find his way. The emotional pain brought the biggest gain in my life. I discovered how to use the energy from painful experiences and channelled into a project. I tried something new again. This time to publish a book! That sounded impossible for someone who’s good only at writing statuses on Facebook (now it has became my career’s routine). My first book “Now or Never” became Top 10 Best Business Nominee alongside Jack Ma, Richard Branson and Tony Robbins! Nothing bad happened. The universe is amazing.

Now the next thing I wanted to change and am actively changing is the people I mix around with. I have been in a networking group for more than seven years. We met weekly. It was great but the team soon were no longer passionate and no longer performing. Complacency kicked in. In December 2018, I tried something again. It was a tough decision. I quit the team, despite being the President, can’t call me a successful one for sure. I surrendered. I discovered that one person could not do much if the team had different mindsets and directions. I started a new group with another member, a top performer and today, in about four months our team size has exceeded our former group which was formed eleven years ago.

I discovered the power of letting go of the old and welcoming the new brings great energy and joy. Jack’s right. Nothing bad can happen. Work hard! It is challenging to venture into new territories. The courage of trying something new and actually doing it makes my life amazing, inspiring and fulfilling. Ready to “Try Something”?

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