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Can't believe what these Sunway Le Cordon BLEU Institute of Culinary Arts Chefs-to-be have done

Updated: May 14, 2019

If your kid did not perform too well in secondary school you could let him honed his talent in the culinary filed -there is a chance they will end up like these students. They spend hours in the kitchen, cutting, cleaning, cooking and going through grueling sessions with chef. Thank goodness those who dislike holding books and pens now can craft an amazing career by holding pots, woks and pans. It all started with me receiving this invitation from Kid Chan. First glance, I thought this wasn't for me seeing "Cocktail" as I don't drink. What a good decision made visiting the Sunway Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts.

Met a few amazing individuals as I was the first to arrive. Prashanth came, then a friend Valerie and Dr Alaric before Kid walked us up into "class". Having no idea what the event really was, trusting only Kid, I just followed the flow.

Ming Rathswohl Ho, General Manager Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia welcoming the exclusive group

It was an intimate session, with less than twenty individuals. It began with Ming welcoming us. This program is put together to produce chefs and it is a collaboration between one of the finest culinary schools Le Cordon Bleu with celebrity photographer Kid. Then Chef David Morris from the United Kingdom welcomed us briefly before returning to supervise the team.

Chef David Morris from United Kingdom tasked to produce top chefs from Malaysia. Malaysia boasts of having World Pastry Champions. More World Food Champions on their way.

Kid shared why he picked to showcase the few chefs in his photos. The chefs selected are all already very successful with fully packed schedules. They do not need any additional publicity but Kid wanted to share their inspiring stories so we remember them who work behind the scenes, not only on food but also on many other tasks like managing the team, scheduling and other operational duties of their respective restaurants.

Kid Chan, Celebrity Photographer and Bestselling Author

Look at what the kids have done! They have not even completed their nine month program. At the seventh month they could already produce these amazing finger food. When invited to begin, nobody touched the food for close to ten minutes. The phone cameras had to do their "work" first. Visually appealing, they will ruin your plan if you are on a diet. The fine level of work put in can be seen in how the quails were de-boned. Hold it like a mini drumstick and one bite was all it took. The smoked chicken wing was phenomenal. The after taste would linger for a few minutes, leaving a lasting gastronomical pleasure!

Once done tasting, we toured the RM6 million dollar kitchen! The tour began with a Wefie!

Smile, it helps to burn some calories from the smoked salmon

Who wouldn't want to cook here? Can I rent this kitchen to cook some instant noodles just for some glam photos?

Large crabs facing off! I got hungry again, I want this next time, I really DO!

Well done young Chefs!

Generous souvenir with guests to bring home this wine glass holder, so you can walk around with your plate and glass

Kid, Nicholas and I

Valerie, Prashanth, Kid and Ming.

Can't thank Kid enough for having me. This initiative's purpose is to help raise funds for young chefs so they could pursue their dreams in becoming a chef. Wouldn't it be very meaningful if you could play a part in supporting Malaysia's next Michelin Star chef perhaps? Or just helping another under privileged young adult to fulfill a dream.

Congratulations Kid, Ming and Le Corden Bleu Sunway University for this amazing project!

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