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what is stopping aspiring authors from publishing their first book?

If you speak to your family, friends and the circle of people you interact with including strangers, many would have the thought of publishing a book as their dream. However most likely only a very small percentage of them took action and successfully completed the book project. Why? They have been misinformed or jumped to wrong conclusions that prevented them from starting let alone completing. Here I have filmed a video to share 5 misconceptions and 5 golden nuggets for aspiring authors.

Watch 5 Misconceptions and 5 Golden Nuggets for Aspiring Authors and I hope you now have a better idea and the confidence to begin. If you still do not know how, get in touch with me and I'll start you off. #BookMisconceptions #BookCoach #PublishYourBestsellingBook #HowToPublishABook #BeABestseller

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