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Top 3 mistakes Authors Must Avoid

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Over the weekend I conducted my 1st "Publish Your Bestselling Book" 2 Day Workshop! While everyone wanted to be a Bestselling Author, it is important to avoid the Top 3 mistakes many authors make.

1. Writing a book without knowing whether it will sell. It is like cooking up a big feast of chicken, fish and mutton only to find out that your guests are vegetarian. Do your research and validate your book 1st. Then sell your book and start to collect pre-orders. It is great to receive cash early and to validate your idea and the support you can get from your direct connections.

2. Spending more time in writing than marketing. If your goal is to write a book that sells then more time should be spent on marketing than writing. Nobody can care about what you write unless they know about your book. It is a "Bestseller" not "Bestwritten".

3. Relying on others to market your book. Just because your book is on the shelve in the largest and highest traffic bookstore or website does NOT mean it will sell. You have to market your book! Market before you start to write, when you are writing and after the book is published. You got to be passionate about your book!

Aspiring Bestselling Authors:

Watch them, and follow them. They are going to publish their books this year. This is the first group of aspiring authors who know my marketing tactics, step by step over 9 months to reach MPH Bookstore Bestseller List in a total of 21 weeks with zero budget in marketing. Also made it to Borders and The Book Garden's Weekly Bestselling List and MPH and Book Garden Bestselling in business category for that year. It is in the marketing! Congratulations to all of you! Now let's do it today. Start collecting orders 😊👍

We have here:

1. 13-Year Old eBook Author from Ipoh 2. Branding guru from Singapore 3. Digital marketing guru from Ipoh 4. Mortgage consultant mummy 5. 22 year old Shopee Coach 6. Real estate Google and FB ads/marketing trainer 7. A Royalty who wants to help people with mental illness 8. A beauty entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience 9. Pregnant mum who wants to leave a legacy 10. Author of Everyone can Network 11. Icon in Malaysia's digital marketing industry

Who would be the 1st to make it onto the Bestseller list?

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