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When an aspiring author talks and thinks more than writing - jab him/her

Share this with your friend who wants to publish a book but nothing happened yet

You wanted to publish a book very much. You witnessed how a book has helped your friend elevate his branding, open doors to opportunities and invited to multiple media interviews. His business grew and he is living a much better life. It sounds rosy and…

You thought, “I am a nobody, who would want to read my book?”

Hello?? We publish a book to help us to go from

nobody to “somebody”. You think everyone is like Jack Ma or Richard Branson? A book helps us achieve our goals while for some the book itself is a goal. Whichever it is, ANYBODY can publish a great book.

You thought, “My command of language is poor, how can I an author?

Hello?? Who told you that you must be strong in language to publish a great book? The author’s job is to produce content that the audience want to read. For language, an author can get help from a copywriter, an editor and a proof reader. It is great if you have strong command of language but if you don’t, improve or hire someone who is good at what they do. You can even speak and have it transcribed into words.

You thought, “Publishing a book requires a substantial amount of money that I don’t have, wait till I have the money”.

Hello?? Did you know that many authors published a book in hopes to make better income? How did they do it? If you understand how to provide value to a specific group of target audience, you can finance your book from sponsors, investors, family members, friends and strangers. Call them what you want. When there is a good business case, you will be trusted with someone else’s cash.

You thought, “I am busy, I don’t have time to write”

Hello?? Didn’t you just mentioned that you wanted to publish a book very much? If you wanted something very much, you would find time to do it, no?

You thought, “I don’t have any marketing and sales skills, how can I sell my book?

Hello?? Marketing is a skill, like swimming, like cycling, like cooking. Can you not learn how to do it? There are books, free articles online, bestselling authors and various Facebook groups who can guide and help you. Some free and some with a fee. Are you willing to learn and do it? Tip: Just post on Facebook (or LinkedIn or whatever social media platform), “I am planning to write a book but I don’t know if it would sell, would anyone of you support me? If you would buy my 1st book, please comment I WANT”. In the next hour, you should have a few copies sold before you even started writing!

Great? Hang on! There are a few things you must know before publishing your book. Some will tell you, some hope you will never know but I hope you will tell everyone.

1. Selling books will unlikely to make you rich, especially in Malaysia because we are just not a country that reads many books. The most read book in Malaysia is Facebook!

2. While a book is a great tool to help you grow your business and boost your self-development journey, don’t expect to get big clients or close major deals just because you have a book.

3. If your book is in all major bookstores, it is by no means that they will sell. Your job is to market your books, not the bookstores and not the publishers’ job.

If you are keen and you have given yourself or listened to enough of excuses, explanations justifications or blame and decide to publish a book this year, drop me a a message ( and I’ll share with you what you should do now so your books are sold before you start to write.

Currently, my record holder sold 113 books within 48 hours before starting to write her first word. I am looking for someone to beat her record.

Marcus' 1st book "Now or Never" was on MPH Bookstore's Top 10 Weekly Bestseller List for 21 weeks, marketed with zero budget. He now inspires and coaches aspiring authors to become bestselling authors because he believes that anybody can be bestselling authors if they know WHY they want to do it.

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