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What did I learn from Gerry Robert's Bookology Bootcamp, publish a book and grow rich?

About 5 years ago I attended Gerry Robert's Boot Camp, today after publishing my book I re-attended and the value just went up 10X because I can relate and comprehend 98% of what he shared. Here are 5 Top Tips to authors and aspiring authors, my learning and my views:

Tip 1: If it is your 1st book, or you are not sure yet what specifically you want to be in the long run (eg. Speaking Coach, a passion or Car Dealer, a primary profession) then keep your book angle wide (eg. Life's Success Secrets) instead of being specific (eg. Fire Your Mechanic, 21 Things you Fix on Your Own)

Tip 2: It is very important to understand business and not just the book because the money is not in the book but around the book. Do you know who your Target Population is and what are their Needs, Desires and Pain? You must be very clear so you have a strong business case when you sell ads or get publicity.

The one and only Gerry Robert, guru in publishing
Publishing Guru Gerry Robert and Marcus Teoh

Tip 3: We must have a paradigm shift in our mindset. Get rid of the naysayers and little voices that limit our abilities and opportunities. Change negative habits, develop positive routines. Every morning for next 30 days straight, write on a piece of paper what you want but don't have yet 😍

Tip 4: The opportunities we wanted could already be reaching us even before the book is out when we market, engage the media and pre-sell well. Again, who is your Target Population? Engage companies who are also going after the same group.

Authors at Bookology Bootcamp by Gerry Robert sharing their experience with participants
Singaporean Authors at Bookology Bootcamp by Gerry Robert

Tip 5: Invest in a really good designer because your book title, colour scheme and subtitle sells you and your book. Your content does not need to be a World class, life changing, Pulitzer prize winning masterpiece. It is the marketing that wins the game (but we believe you will still publish a great book and not just slap together pieces of poor content). Have your photo on your book too.

For more about publishing in Malaysia, this is the most comprehensive article I have read. There are a few things I would do very differently for a book to sell very well. Overall this is one of the best articles for authors who want to publish books in Malaysia. Read How to Publish a Book in Malaysia. You may get in touch with the author Suraya Zainudin

As a trainer and speaker, here are great tactics I observed from Gerry. He also shared some public speaking lessons and spent 5 minutes promoting Toastmasters 👍👏

Tactic 1: Try counting the total number of testimonials in visual, verbal and video format. On the workbook the first 11 pages (x 4 testimonials a page) are testimonials! In the room, in both sides there were 6 author booths. Countless examples provided were direct and indirect testimonials. Skype live interview and live on stage sharing another 7-8 of them. Testimonials sell, isn't it obvious?

7 Testimonial givers on stage, there were countless over the 2.5 days
Live Testimonials from Published Authors

Tactic 2: How participants are made to see opportunities lost through a systematic way. The Excel formulated sheet showing big numbers $$$ you lost when you don't have a book is encouraging or shocking, prompting everyone to want to take action.

Tactic 3: Use humour and stories regularly and throughout the whole seminar, videos, photos, verbal stories, etc. I enjoyed the event while learning. If there's anyone who learns nothing, he still gets to laugh 😂😂😂 Gerry masterfully weaved in humour in mentioning/implying "joining my program" in many instances, humorously. 👍

Shoot your 3 minute video
Videos are helpful to engage audience

Tactic 4: Sell your big item first (Day 2 evening). Offer it again (Day 3 morning) with bonus. Offer a lower priced alternative, Day 3 before afternoon break a final opportunity. Downsell.

Tactic 5: Use colourful slides, every slide is different, refreshing and attractive indeed.

True Maestro! TQ Gerry for doing what you do.

Newsjacking tactic shared by Gerry Robert, brilliant!
Newsjacking tactic shared by Gerry Robert, brilliant!

I know many will ask me if it is worth signing up Gerry's program. The 3-Day Boot Camp is FREE and common business sense is a 110% YES! If you have a learning attitude you benefit. Where else can you learn about book publishing and more importantly how to monetize your book, for free? It is only fair that any organizer that offers free stuff then sells you something (this is a business, not charity entity).

Gerry's offerings are way beyond what the masses could afford. I agree with him and understand that we are "never ready". We just commit even when we are fearful and then we make it work. Black Card books is a premier publishing company. Gerry is selling a Rolls Royce, as seen on the workbook and his aspiration of owning a private jet. Should you sign up? The answer is same to the question, "Do you want to own OR be seen to own a Rolls Royce?“ The success stories that comes from a book published looked way too promising.

Publish your book but have more realistic expectations. Just because you have a book, you still need to work your butt off for a client. In Malaysia even if you have a book, you still need to be known enough to get paid thousands to speak. Most events offer "exposure" instead of cash. It is only in an ideal world where you get a new client every month paying you a handsome fee just because you have a book. This is one part I thought audience were brought to a world too rosy just because you have a book. Brilliant marketing tactic observed!

Congratulations to those who signed up and now start writing! 🤣

Happy writing 👍👏👏👏

This post is also available on my Facebook if you would like to read comments and interact with my FB friends: What Marcus learned from Gerry Robert, Black Card Books in Singapore

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Black Card Books or Gerry Robert in anyway. This is just an educational post and my own views.

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